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Breaking News (Friday Morning App)

My favorite news app is Breaking News. It isn’t a news channel it is a news aggregator. It goes out and finds all the top news stories and then categorizes them. It is a great way to see what all the news channels, websites and blogs are saying about a single topic.

“Have you ever said, ‘That’s not breaking news!?’ Sometimes it feels like everything is breaking news these days, screaming for your attention.”

If you want to get notifications every time there is a new development in a particular story, just click the bell and Breaking News will tell you how often you can expect to receive notifications and then push them to your phone.

It’s great at helping you sift through the mess of normal news websites and apps.

Since Breaking News pulls content from “over 300 news organizations… including TV networks, local stations, wire services and newspapers large and small” they are my one stop for all news.

The best part is that they are on every platform. They started as a simple @breakingnews twitter account and now you can follow them from any device.

Check them out breakingnews.com (Apps)

Wallpaper fun

Last night I was in the need of a much needed creative release… so I looked around for some ideas on what to make and ended up with these wallpapers. It is kinda fun to open Photoshop and just have fun instead of always rushing to get a project done. Although I need to do that too… (1920×1200) Right click and “save link/target as” to use them.

Windows Circle

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