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did you want to build a snowman?

Did You Want to Build a Snowman?

Today is the first day of spring! As I write this, the final lumps of snow are disappearing. Winter has come and gone once again and with it, the chance to build a snowman.

Every now and then, a great idea comes along that must be acted on immediately. A few years back I was working on promoting a Denver and the Mile High Orchestra concert. The band was on a FOX nationally aired band competition, The Next Great American Band. While sitting in a meeting, it all of a sudden clicked that the best opportunity we had to make a final push and get people to this concert was to run a television commercial during the show. In less than 3 days we went from an idea to air. A couple of calls to our local FOX affiliate followed by a couple of hours editing… a voice over and some graphics, then the wait.

Friday Night came and as Denver and the band finished their song, the host Dominic Bowden, threw it to a commercial break and boom there we were. Within the minutes following, we garnered more web hits than we had total in the previous week. On all accounts it was a success. Had we waited even another day, the opportunity to run the commercial would have been gone.

When the snow begins to accumulate, you only have a short amount of time to go out and build a snowman before the snow changes and it just doesn’t work. Next winter, go out and build a snowman… the opportunity doesn’t come around every day. And next time you get an idea that needs to be acted on, don’t hesitate. It may make the difference between an empty auditorium or a sold out concert.

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