PennDel Youth Convention 2012 (promo video)

PennDel Youth Convention 2012 (promo video)

Preparing for Youth Convention is a daunting task and it all starts with promo months in advance. Last summer I had the privilege of working with Jonathan Jones to create some promo videos for the upcoming year. One of the more creative ones we came up with was this video for Youth Convention. We had to overcome some unique issues…

like shooting with the camera upside down and then flipping the image over in post. Delia, my wife, was the artist… she brought the steady hand and after a lot of planning and paper we were able to finish the shooting of this project. Jonathan took the footage back to the editing room. (not really a room, more like a laptop and pair of headphones) He brought together the first rough edit when we realized a spelling error… It wasn’t Delia’s fault, after all she was just rewriting what we were giving her. Luckily through some editing magic Jonathan made the error disappear.

The next issue was finding the right voice. Because we used a girl for the writing, it only made sense to use a girl for the voice. That’s where Lindsey Root came in. She brought her fun and creative voice to the project to finish it off. On one take she recorded the entire V/O in a southern accent and if I ever have a couple hours to edit that in I’m sure it would bring out a good laugh.

After a couple more hours of editing to sync up the writing with the V/O and music this is what we came up with.


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