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Working with DGI has allowed us to expand some of their abilities and last week we were about to put together this Business Card for one of their clients.

Kristian Walker came to us a while back for a new website. We created a new website for him within his budget including a blog, store and unique homepage that he can update on his own. We included facebook and twitter integration. New photos of him and his wife. New promotional material and recently a new look for their trip to Africa. I look forward to working with Kristian in the future.

For more information check out…

update: this website has since been replaced by a new version including a more robust shopping experience.

Life Groups Booklet (graphic design)

At CLA ( I spent many hours on different print projects. This is the Fall 2009 Life Group Brochure. It is a stepdown booklet with each page sticking out a little bit to make it easy for people to find the class they want to attend. This was a much needed step up from the previous 24 page b/w book. The chipped paint is a picture from outside a local theater. The logo was from before my time, but with a few tweaks to make it fit with different styles.

America Bar and Grill (photos)

A while back I was given the opportunity to take pictures of some amazing food at the America Bar and Grill. The photos were for there website and whatever else they would like to use them for in the future. While the site is not yet up, here are a couple of untouched pictures from that day. The food looked amazing… for lunch I sampled a Salmon BLT… I wish it wasn’t a 2 hour drive, or I would have to add them to my date night list. If you happen to be in the area of one of their locations, I would suggest dropping in for lunch or dinner.

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